Dogs are simple souls. They don’t care what you look like, what you do for a living, or how old you are. They’re most interested in what’s in your heart. Many would agree that if humans acted more like dogs, the world would be a better place. With all that dogs give us, humans should in return give dogs a proper and loving home. Sadly, all dogs aren’t treated the way they deserve to be.


Throughout my life, my family has rescued pets. I remember many occasions when my dad would take my sister, my brother, and me to the local Humane Society to pick out our new furry family member. As many who have rescued dogs can attest, canine rescues human as much as human rescues canine. I can say this with authority, because I owe life as I know it to a couple of rescue pups. Rescue dogs led me to meet my husband, Patrick. If I had never rescued Rascal, I wouldn’t have met Patrick and his rescue lab, Jake, at the dog park.

Jake was a protagonist in our fairytale story. He was Patrick’s baby; wherever Patrick went, Jake was alongside him. Later, when Patrick and I were dating, Jake became my sidekick. He was my passenger for errands, my beach buddy when Patrick couldn’t go to Florida. He loved being outside, but didn’t enjoy exercise like I did, so he would stay behind while I ran. Jake was even a best man in our wedding. If it weren’t for Jake, I wouldn’t have my little family as I know it today. Sadly, he left us in November of 2015.

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It’s important to me to carry on Jake’s memory. I want our son, Townsend, to know how much Jake was loved, and to understand how the simplest things in life—like tail wags, excited sniffs, and head scratches by the front door—can be the best, the things that turn a house into a “home sweet home” for rescued canines and rescued humans.


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